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Portable Spot Welding Guns

T. J. Snow is a distributor of Transgun and Cable Type Weld Portable Resistance Spot Weld Guns.  

Please call for information on our inventory of Used Portable Gun Equipment.  We may have a gun or complete station suitable for your application at a significant cost savings.  


ARO Savair supplies integral-transformer portable spot welding guns ranging in size from 15 KVA to 137 KVA .  Scissors-type and C-type models are offered, and various arm lengths and configurations are available.  These type weld guns are designed for industrial high production and are extremely compact.   They are ideally suited for production line use.

These are three models from the new ARO Ergoline Heavy Duty Industrial Portable Transgun
line.  Other models are available.

Model XMA Weld Gun

Model CLA Weld Gun

Model XWA Weld Gun

ARO XMA Ergoline Weld Gun

ARO CMA Ergoline Weld Gun

ARO XPA Ergoline Weld Gun


Note:  Two of the original models, S-2151 and S-3231 are still available to purchase new.

ARO S-2151 Weld Gun

ARO S-3231 Weld Gun

S-2151, 15 KVA S-3231, 23 KVA  (we normally stock this model)


These ARO Gun models are now obsolete, not being made new, 
but are still being used in production in many facilities.

ARO S-4321 Weld Gun

ARO S-6421 Weld Gun

ARO S-5861 Weld Gun

Model S-4321, 31 KVA       

Model S-6421, 42 KVA

     Model S-5861, 85 KVA

For more information about ARO spot welding portable guns or help sizing a gun to your application, please contact T. J. Snow for assistance.

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