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Resistance Welding Supplies

T. J. Snow carries a full line of resistance welding Tips, inserts, and accessories. We are currently adding more information to our web site so that you can select the best supplies for your application.

We represent most all major suppliers. The items and brands listed below are only what we have on the web site so far-- and as you know, there are many items out there. Feel free to email or call our Inside Sales Department for complete personal service. 

Welcome to T. J. Snow's Inside Sales Group!

Our aim is to serve you with the best resistance welding supplies at a fair price with fast shipping and great customer service. We carry a complete selection of resistance welding consumables such as tips and inserts, accessories such as weld checkers, water chillers, and welding controls, and much more!

Contact us using our direct Toll Free Number:
Order FAX: (423) 490-2417

Our Normal Hours are 8 am - 5:30 pm Eastern Time, Monday - Friday. For emergency orders outside normal business hours please call our toll free number and leave an emergency message. Someone will be paged and will return your call. 

We Look Forward to Serving your 
Resistance Welding Business Today!

Tips and General Supplies:
CMW           CMW Spot Welding Supplies Catalog CMW PDF Catalog
Tuffaloy         Tuffaloy Catalog Tuffaloy PDF Catalog


Centerline      Centerline Resistance Welding Catalog Centerline PDF Catalog

DeltaPoint Water Circuit E-stop Monitors

T. J. Snow - Custom Designed Special Resistance Welding Electrodes 

Weld Checkers:
Dengensha WS-80
Weldcomputer Weldview
QWAKQWAK Kits - a Weld Monitor and Force Gauge packaged together

Weld Cylinders:
Advanced Cylinder Products (ACP)

Force Gauges:

Tuffaloy -- Both Digital and Analog Force Gauges

Electrode Dressers / Tip Extractors:
Changer and Dresser  
Electrode Dressers     

Water Chillers:
Schreiber - Dimplex's standard industrial water chillers for common applications.
Koolant Koolers - Dimplex's custom industrial chillers to match your specifications
Unitrol Water Chillers - "Automotive Grade" chillers for manufacturing

    Resistance Welder Interlocks  <-- Keep from having to upgrade your power service when you add more welders!
Intertron Industries
    Secondary Constant Current AC Welding  Controls and Contactors
    DC Inverter Power Supplies
Unitrol  -  Featuring the "SOFT TOUCH" Operator Safety System 


WTC / Medar (Includes companies formerly known as Weltronic, Technitron and Robotron Corp.)

Roman Transformers
T. J. Snow

Water and Air Cooled Cables and Shunts:
Air Cooled Jumpers
Water Cooled Cables
Kickless Water Cooled Cables
Braided Flexible Connectors 

Portable Resistance Welding Guns:


Bar Stock / Raw Materials:
110 Copper, RWMA Class 2 Copper, RWMA Class 3 Copper
Elkonite (10W3) Copper Tungsten
    - Common Sizes in-stock and cut to your specifications at T. J. Snow. Call or email for pricing on the size you need. 

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T. J. Snow stocks the brands you know and trust:

APS Weld Force Guages   AROMAC Portable Spot Welding Guns  cmw  Entron Controls   huys   Lutz    Luvata  MedarMiyachi RomanSchreiber EngineeringTuffaloyUnitrol Watteredge-UniflexWTC        

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